Field Trip : teamLAB

We headed down the Peninsula to Menlo Park to check out teamLab's Living Digital Space/Future Parks exhibit at PACE Art + Technology. teamLab describes itself as a group of "ultra-technologists" and is made up of Japanese artists, programmers, engineers, CH animators, mathematicians, architects, web and print graphic designers and editors. 

The multi-room environments created a totally immersive, sensory extravaganza, and an incredibly beautiful expression of digital animation and light production techniques inspired by nature and art history.  

And it wasn't all for adults! The "children's" exhibit is an interactive project that includes the coolest hopscotch game ever and an aquarium where you can literally draw a jellyfish on paper and then watch it swim along the coral reef with other sea creatures.

The show runs through July 1. We recommend purchasing tickets online ahead of your visit.

Photos and video via the official exhibit website.