Silver Lining's Holiday Gift Guide

Apart from giving the gift of Silver Lining (duh) here are our recommendations that we think will make you a shoe-in for present giver of the season. Special note: A handful of these companies (along with Silver Lining) have been featured on The Spirit of 608, our favorite FEST (Fashion Entrepreneurship Sustainability & Tech) focused podcast. Check it out while you're wrapping presents! Now without further adieu, The List:

For The Traveler
Cuyana's beautiful leather jewelry case is perfect for the traveler and accessory lover on your list. Cuyana's motto is "Fewer, Better Things" and this case is no exception. Get it monogrammed for an extra special touch. 

For The Funny Girl
You know the one: hilarious and outsized with a wardrobe to match. Find the perfect gift on Bow & Drape, where you can shop punny slogans or customize your own on tees and sweats and add a few embellishments to top it off. All clothes are finished in the USA. 

For The Informed Citizen
There's only so much news you can get from a Facebook feed, so this year gift that special person a digital subscription to the New York Times. For long-form reading, try The New Yorker or The Atlantic


For The Well-Heeled Friend
Shoe and accessories brand Nisolo partners a design team in Nashville with a production team in Peru to create handmade leather footwear in chic, timeless styles for men and women. Got a real shoe hoarder on your list? Sign them up for the Nisolo five for five club and they'll get to pick 2 pairs of shoes every year for the next 5 years. It's official: you've won the holidays. 


For The Office Guy
Ratio Clothing makes handcrafted custom shirts, all made in the USA. Send in the measurements (stealth tip: use a favorite shirt that you know fits as a template), pick from a variety of fabrics and presto! Plus the measurements are kept on file as a "blueprint," which you can pass around to other would-be gift givers. 

For The Outdoor Kid
Hello Nature is an awesome activity book for the kid that loves nature AND the kid that (perhaps) needs some encouragement to put the screen down and look at the incredible world around us. 

For The Little Princess
Twirly Girl specializes in reversible, made in the USA, twirl dresses. Be warned, upon receipt the dance party Will. Not. Stop.  Bonus: The company supports ChildHelp an organization dedicated to the prevention and treatment of child abuse. 

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