Military Chic

We were excited to read a short piece in The New York Times' T Magazine last weekend about the rise of the "romantic side of the historical soldier" in current men's fashion.

After all, our Carline Field Coat was named in honor of the brothers Sydney and Richard who were employed as official British military artists during the First World War to document aerial combat, frequently with canvas and brush. (Sketching from the air while dodging bombers is about as romantic as war can get.)

The T article also explained that the earth tones typically associated with uniforms only evolved as the standard after British troops in India were given a new wardrobe better suited to the climate and landscape than their default "Red Coats." And interestingly the first designs for what would become the iconic Burberry Trench originated as part of this uniform re-design in the British War Office.

And that's your historical fashion tidbit of the day!


Cassandra KaldorComment