We heart Instagram! It's a fun way to share our pix (you can follow us @silverliningproj), and keep up with family and friends, but the platform also let's us stay au courant with inspiring, creative individuals from all corners of the web (including space!). Here's a round up of our current feed favorites.

Scott Kelly (@stationcdrkelly) | An astronaut 'gramming from space, Kelly is on board the International Space Station for a full year as part of a study of the effects of space on the human body. (His twin brother Mark serves as control here on earth.) His perspective on "the blue marble" is always breathtaking, to say the least, and Kelly has a flair for artistry, often tagging photos, like the one above, #earthart.

Christoph Neimann (@abstractsunday) | It's always refreshing when a piece of art makes you chuckle, do a double take, or gasp—and even better when it evokes all three reactions at once! That's the case with Neimann's sketches, which communicate a particularly whimsical view of the world through his clever combination of objects and illustrations. 

Jay Nelson (@jay) | Nelson builds functional structures including surf buggies, custom campers and tree houses, that make you dream about leaving it all behind and living hobbit-style in the woods, or alternatively, landing a job at Facebook solely in order to sit in his Facebook Observatory structure all day. 

Zio Ziegler (@zioziegler) | The mural scene is pretty big in the Bay Area (pun intended) and Instagram is a great way to catch process pix of artists working their large-scale magic. We love the bold colors and stylized imagery of Ziegler's work, on walls, on canvas and even on shoes—he has an on-going collaboration with Vans.