Pocket Squares: Welcome to the Fold!

Announcing a new accessory to the Silver Lining store (drumroll) ... Pocket Squares! With one in each of the current collection's five Kelly Ording prints, they are an easy way to add a splash of color and bit of polish to your ensemble. First, some general rules of thumb to keep in mind as you explore the wild world of pocket squares:


1. Don't match your tie to your pocket square. Instead go for a complimentary pairing. For example, if you're the proud owner of a Silver Lining Crash tie, the Kusama Pocket Square would make a stylish partner. It picks up the blues and flecks of cream in Crash and echoes the organic pattern, without being too matchy-matchy.

2. Think outside the fancy box. Pocket squares are an obvious choice for black tie events, but they work equally well in casual blazers, vests and sport coats. 

3. A pocket square is all form and fashion, and zero function. So save the nose blowing and sweat wiping for its workhorse cousin the handkerchief.


While there are some naming discrepancies when it comes to the art of the fold (is it a "Two Fold" or a"Pyramid Fold"?), we rounded up the best infographic tutorials for the basic foundation folds on our Pinterest board "Bespoke Magic."

If you're feeling more creative (i.e. brave) and want to venture into Fleur de Lis and Bird of Paradise terriory, check out Patrick Novotny's YouTube channel, which has a section solely dedicated to pocket square folding. 

Happy folding and remember, it's always hip to be square!

Cassandra KaldorComment