Ciao, Bella!

Last Month was pretty packed, and we’re just getting caught up! At the beginning of March, I took my Silver Lining Fitzgerald Trench on a five day test drive to Milan and Venice as part of a Luxury Branding seminar that I attended.

It was a tough slog; homework required shopping in places like Bottega Venetta, Brunello Cucinelli and Bulgari…  and Milan is not for the sartorially faint of heart.  Apparently they have real live Fashion Police like these guys, who will whisk you away to the blocks if you get caught wearing too many unnatural fibers.

It seems harsh, but the result is an endless landscape of beautifully dressed people of all ages, shapes and size.  We saw a Grandmother and grandson dressed so impeccably that it literally put us to shame.

This is Italy. The land of artists artisans and people obsessed with quality and the process it takes to achieve it.  In addition to studying some of the top fashion brands, we also visited the Ferrari Museum and the Maserati Factory, a pristine plant where each car off the line is made to custom order, much like a finely tailored suit with a 400 horsepower engine inside.  

Simpler luxuries were taken no less seriously in terms of craftsmanship; we saw the process the creation of the finest Parmigiano cheese where the freshest milk is heated, treated, cultivated and aged with the precision of a pharma lab.  (I will spare the pics of the head to toe hospital gear that we were required to wear inside the cheese factory.)

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 11.21.55 AM.png

Next up we went to Venice, which in March is delightfully uncrowded once you escape the throngs of selfie-stick wielding tourists at the Piazza San Marco.  The city is truly a dreamscape poking out of briny waters and filled with glassware galleries that showcase the incredible art that can be made from combining the elements of fire and sand.

After one last meal in Venice it was time to head home, so we hopped into one of the vintage wood and chrome water taxis  for a ride to the airport. The driver graciously blasted Donna Summer’s “Hot Stuff” as he sped along the Grand Canal and winked “Ciao” when he dropped us off at the dock...super classico :)

--x Rel