March Madness, Silver Lining Style

Besides searching for pots of gold and 4-leaf clovers, we've been super busy this month shipping orders, monitoring our factory production and logging major travel miles. Here are some highlights! 

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.58.01 AM.png

ON THE GO La bella citta Venice. Stay tuned for more on our luxury marketing research trip to Italy and what we learned about the 3Cs: cheese, cars and cashmere!

ARTIST PARTNER We were super excited to see this preview of Kelly Ording's striking mural installation at the Frank Gehry-designed Facebook building on Instagram. Follow Kelly @okellyording (and follow us @silverliningproj).

SOCIAL MISSION We repped Silver Lining last week at the Wharton SF Social Impact conference and ran into our old skool pal and current director of Yahoo for Good, Olivia Khalili. We love attending events like this to share our mission with like-minded folks. It's what's inside that counts!

ARTS ED PARTNER Of course it's never too early to start planning next month's social agenda and we're looking forward to a fabulous evening of art, bites and drinks at Root Division's fundraiser, Taste. Come join us!  

SL AS-WORN-BY Our friend, early supporter and all-around style mavin Caitlin shared these snaps with her new Kahlo Clutch. Definitely a match made in fashion heaven!

Keep 'em coming! We love to see you in Silver Lining so post your photos on our Facebook page and tag us on Instagram @silverliningproj.