The Root Division

As you may know, Silver Lining is a double bottom line company which means 6% of all profits are given to arts education programs. Currently, we have partnered with the Root Division, which creates arts programming for kids in the Bay Area. 

After completing our Kickstarter campaign, the Root Division received our first donation, and we just got some exciting details regarding how it will be used: A portion of the donation will purchase supplies for a recently launched bilingual beginning book arts course for girls at the Horace Mann Middle school. And the remainder will be spent on clay for a first grade ceramics class at Buena Vista Child Care. 

It's extremely gratifying to see the connection between our products, our customers, and our philanthropic goals solidify this quickly. And, thanks to all you early backers, there are some excited kids out there about to dig into book binding and get creative with clay! 

(photo curtesy of the Root Division)